If your goal is for them to pass the exams and strengthen bilingualism.

Our lessons are organized not only for those who have failed exams, but also for those who have passed, but need to revise and consolidate what they have learnt at their school or high school. The main goal is that the students understand and practice the grammar and learn the vocabulary they need for their year group. We offer lessons from the first year of Primary school all the way up to Baccalaureate, where students also prepare the Selectivo exam. The programme includes the contents included in the curriculum for each cycle, so students from every school of Ourense and surroundings could come.

While in the general English courses the only language in the classroom is English, here the grammar is explained in Spanish and the exercises are similar to those at their schools or high schools. This way, student will end the school year with a good level and better prepared for the next one.

Moreover, we can help your child not only with the English subject, but also in those subjects taught in the Foreign Language such as: Science, Maths, Music .. etc

In Next Stop we make sure that we attend the individual needs of each child, telling every three months the parents about the progress of the student.
Times: 16:00 – 20:00, twice a week.